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About Us 

Our Vision

At Slusarek Construction, we believe that providing quality construction services makes all the difference. It is who we are and how we work. Our passion for providing our customers with the highest quality structures is so strong that it guides everything we do. Our company is here to champion respect for our trade, showcase the art of craftsmanship, and feature the advantages of design to build construction.

Our History

Founded in 1964 by Don Slusarek, Slusarek Construction has been creating value and providing customers with the highest quality structures and services in some of Northeast Wisconsin’s most recognizable residential developments and commercial buildings.

In 1996, Gregg Slusarek, Don’s son, continued the family tradition as the owner and operator of Slusarek Construction. Excelling in community developments, commercial leasing, one-of-a-kind residential projects, commercial endeavors, excavation, and more, Slusarek Construction provides a level of quality that is second-to-none.

Slusarek Construction is honored to be recognized as one of the oldest and most-trusted contractors in the region, and strives to build relationships that are equally sound as its structures.


Slusarek Construction offers the whole package. “From plans to final grading, we do it all,” says Gregg Slusarek, owner and operator of Slusarek Construction.

With You Every Step of the Way

Design-Build is a method of building in which design and construction are organized and controlled by one source. This is exactly what Slusarek Construction can offer you. Throughout the entire Design-Build process, this method allows for greater organization and control, product quality, and planning and execution.

Slusarek Construction provides in house architectural design services to not only assist with generating a set of construction documents but also making sure the customers vision is implemented throughout all phases of the project’s construction. With the Design-Build method we provide a one stop service from “From plans to final grading.”

Bring us your sketches today, and give us a chance to make them a reality.

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